Ramsey Baptist Church, Isle of Man

A community loving to make Jesus known

About Us


We began as a church plant of Broadway Baptist Church, Douglas, in December 2007 and we have been meeting in Bunscoill Rhumsaa's Auldyn Hall every week since then. We're a mixed bag of people of all ages who are discovering together the joy of having a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, His only Son. We're informal and friendly and welcome everyone seeking to know Jesus or to know Him better.

Our heart is to love God and to reach out and share His love with others, both inside the church and outside in the community where we live, work and play. We are active in the local community with several initiatives, the latest of which is Sporty Church.


There is a team of five Church Leaders who share spiritual oversight of the whole church and who serve in different areas according to their giftings.  One of the leaders, Louise Strickett, is also our Pastor.


We meet on Sundays for coffee from 10.10 in the Community Room with a Worship Service at 10.30 in the Main Hall. Our young people begin the morning by praising God with us and then they leave for their own meetings in the Community Room and Sports' Hall. We all meet again for coffee and juice at the end of the morning. Every five weeks or so we have Messy Church when the whole church stays together for the morning.