Ramsey Baptist Church, Isle of Man

A community loving to make Jesus known

Church in the week


Mid-week meetings in private homes allow us more time to discuss the Sunday Teaching series topics and to go deeper than we can on Sundays. There are opportunities to ask questions, worship with music, support and pray for each other and for the wider community.  Usually meeting on Wednesday evenings.


We also meet in the day at a local coffee shop for an informal hour of fellowship  with a short Bible reading or reflection and a prayer. Shared prayer concerns can then be prayed by each person during the week. Day, time and venue vary and people can dip in and out as schedules allow as each session can 'stand alone'.

Prayer Partners and Triplets

We are encouraged to meet informally in twos and threes for fellowship and prayer as we share our lives in the week.

Home Visits

Members of the Leadership Team are available on request for private home visits or meetings at another venue if preferred.